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Art & Sound Journey

We combine art with sound to set impulses and stimulate your engagement with yourself through a creative reflection process.

This might be an X-MAS SPECIAL 🤭

17.12.2023 ☼ 15:00–17:30

Kulturkahn Paula, Berlin


*USC members pay 5€ less


Winter Bliss Retreat

As the Earth undergoes seasonal changes, our bodies and minds do too. The arrival of spring symbolizes renewal and vibrancy, summer brings abundance, autumn prompts us to let go of unnecessary burdens, and winter encourages to go inwards. How can we acknowledge and respect these profound stages that are intricately linked not only to life itself but also to our being?

21.02.2024 ☼ 25.02.2024

Wooden Cottage, Tampere, Finland

Energy exchange: 1333€* 

*please contact me for payment options, if needed


Midsummer Retreat

This incredible 6-day retreat is a holistic journey to transform you with movement, nourishing local food and endless nature, spending time and enjoying the healing power of nature in the midst of the Finnish forest.

19.06.2024 ☼ 24.06.2024

Cozy Villa, Kirkkonummi, Finland

Energy exchange: tba



The retreat to create meaningful connections through a blend of cultural activities and yogic traditions.

25.06.2024 ☼ 30.06.2024

Cozy Villa, Kirkkonummi, Finland

Energy exchange: tba

"Midsummer at its best!

This was a balanced and holistic experience. Versatile yoga classes and workshops combined with other activities that had a connection to midsummer and local traditions. We could fully take advantage of the beautiful weather we had - going swimming in nearby lakes and wander in the woods. Food was amazing. I’m not normally following a vegan diet, but fully enjoyed doing so during the retreat. Group size was optimal and the atmosphere including and safe. There were several instructors which was a big advantage compared with other retreats I have been to. This made classes varied and the possibility to personalize guidance good."


– Midsummer Retreatee 2023


Welcome love!

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