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The retreat to create meaningful connections through a blend of cultural activities and yogic traditions.

You are seeking a sense of belonging? To create meaningful connections? To walk a path of self-discovery and personal growth? To create a purposeful life to share with your tribe?


Embrace your path to self-reflection and personal growth to deeper understand yourself. Connect to like-minded souls truly, authentically and profoundly to build healthier, long-lasting relationships. Gain clarity on your values and beliefs and establish a clear sense of purpose for yourself. Disconnect from constant connectivity to be more present and mindful. Engage in physically challenging activities, explore new environments, and step out of your comfort zones to nurture creativity and new perspectives.

Find yourself in the midst of Finnish forest, enjoying the evershining midsummer sun and white nights. Bathing in the refreshing waters of surrounding lakes. Warming up in a traditional Finnish sauna. Reading, connecting, sharing in the hammocks on the terrace or inside in our community area.

This incredible 6-day retreat is a truly one-of-a-kind holistic journey to balance your feminine and masculine energy with movement, nourishing local food and endless nature. You will not only deepen your yoga and mindfulness practice, but you will also connect to each soul on this journey on a very profound and meaningful way all whilst enjoying the healing power of nature in the midst of the beautiful Finnish forest.

Throughout your journey, you will connect to all five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) with movement and different creative workshops & activities such as foraging, baking, cold-heat exposure and transfomational breathwork. You will be held in a safe space together with 12 unique souls allowing you to let go from your daily routines and give yourself the chance to deeply surrender to your transformation.

Have you ever heard about any Finnish traditions? We will introduce you to some special ones. Of course there will be no way around the well-known sauna culture and its benefits to your body and soul. Experience first hand with your own eyes one of the countries where the sun never goes down. This occasion invites us to jump into the water for midnight dips in the lake underneath a clear white sky.


Let us get together for a lifetime experience during the season of midsummer in a peaceful stone age old village close to many lakes and the ocean coast. And learn more about your body and its ability to move, breathe and heal. 

A place where it seems like time is standing still.


We would be honored to guide you through this one-of-a-kind experience in our home, Finland!

Highlights of this journey

Acro, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Aroma Workshop using essential oils

The Art of Foraging Workshop

Cleansing Practices, like foot baths and more

Cold-Heat Exposure (Sauna & Ice-Bath)

Create Your Own Birch Branch Twig Workshop

Creative Painting Workshop using handmade watercolor

Creative Yoga Workshops

Dance Workshop

Deep Transformational Breathwork

SoulsFusion Special

Soundbaths with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound Healing using your own voice

Example Schedule (to give you an idea how our days will be spent)

07:30 Energizing Morning Yoga

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Breathwork Journey

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Intro to Cold-Heat Exposure (Traditional Finnish Sauna & Ice-Bathing)

16:00 Free Time to explore the nature (or another holistic workshop)

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

Where will we stay?

Cozy Villa in the midst of Finnish Forest, Kirkkonummi, Finland.

What's included?

All yoga classes and activities, different workshops, group activities, 3 delicious vegan local meals a day and facilities of our home such as sauna. Additionally we will provide non-alcoholic beverages (water, tea, coffee) and snacks throughout the day.

Your transfer from/to the airport will be organized by us (from Helsinki).

What's not included?


Details at a glance:

What can you expect? Holistic yoga & cultural journey––it's going to be a lifetime experience, we promise

What do we expect? An interest in exploring new things and culture, commitment to immerse in this journey to your own degree, come as you are, desire to spend 6 days in the purest nature and fresh air 24/7, want to reset, unwind, detoxify through nutritious 100% locally sourced food and holistic activities

What we do NOT expect? For you to be an expert in yoga or having knowledge in any of the named activities

When are we gathering? During the season of midsummer 25.06.–30.06.2024

Where are we staying? Cozy Wooden Villa in the Finnish Forest in Kirkkonummi, Finland. You can choose between 2, 3 or 4 people in your room (see pricing below). All rooms are mixed gender.

Who should join? All souls who are interested in getting to know Finnish traditions and culture, want to deepen their yoga practice (beginners to advanced all welcome) and connect to an intimate group of 12 souls, also everyone who is interested to experience different things in and around nature to get to know themselves and the surroundings in-depth

What is the energy balance? starting at 1800€–2111€* (please contact me for payment plans, if needed)

*early bird and regular please see policies for all details

about us

We are two sisters born in Finnland raised in Germany, wanting to spread the beautiful Finnish culture with you and the world. Feel free to ask us anything that you have on your mind or you need additionally to make your journey perfect. We can't wait to meet you. See you soon!

Did you know you can extend your stay and book a DOUBLE DOSE (of joy) spot to already join for our midsummer retreat? You will save more than 15% on your ticket and have 13 wonderful days with us in Finland. Simply choose double dose and your preferred room at the checkout!

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