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Cultural and Yoga Journey in Finland

Midsummer Retreat


An incredible 6-day experience for multi-passionate souls, who are drained by busy, hectic city life and want to slow down, recharge and find a community that values real and intimate connections. 


Immerse in Finnish rituals, wisdom and traditions with me and a small group of likeminded people and discover why Finns have been ranked the happiest people on earth for the seventh time in a row. 


Write me an e-mail, if you are interested.


Spots are limited!

Do you constantly feel all over the place? Looking for ways to relax your tensed up body?
Then keep reading.

Why are Finns so calm and happy? 

Let me tell you about sisu. 


This Finnish concept is our anchor for determination, endurance and inner strength, that guides us through life's challenges with a smile on our face.


During the Midsummer Retreat we will practice this everyday, so it becomes a part of you too and keeps you calm, connected and happy when you’re back home. 


So how do we get sisu?


By practicing. By challenging ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By connecting body, mind and soul.  


Think of sisu as a muscle that you can strengthen and train (the more you train the bigger and stronger it gets). That’s exactly what we do during our Midsummer Retreat. 


  • Sauna bathing relaxes your muscles but it also challenges you to endure the heat

  • Ice Bathing refreshes your body but it also invites you to surrender to the cold 

  • Foraging and forest bathing are big parts of Finnish culture, where we learn about edibles and non-edibles at a very early age to build confidence in basic survival instincts

  • Dancing with your eyes closed to release stuck energies and break out of your comfort zone 

  • Birches are a national tree in Finland that we will use to make birch twig branches to whip the body and cleanse the skin and body and strengthen the immune system

  • Midsummer celebrations bring happiness and joy into everyday hustle and include midnight dips into the refreshing water in the lake underneath a clear white sky

  • Painting with handmade water colors can be super meditative and if it brings you joy it can spark your creativity within

  • Cleansing Practices and delicious plant-based food to nourish and detox you from the inside out for a healthier feeling

  • Connection to the people around us in an understanding, loving, caring and especially inclusive way brings acceptance towards ourselves and the world around us

This Retreat is exactly what you need when … 

… you keep working many many hours overtime, neglecting your physical and mental health

… you tend to have full days but very little quality time 

… you are longing to nurture your soul, recharge your spirit and revitalize your body

… you would love to release tension in your body & mind (I mean, right now, relax your shoulders ... and your forehead ... and your jaw)

… you are under a lot of pressure in your job

… you are totally overthinking things all the time (and get headaches a lot) 

… you love nature but hardly have time to spend any in it right now 

…you are interested in getting to know Finnish traditions and culture, want to deepen your yoga practice and connect to an intimate group of 12 souls

Did you nod at least once? Then Midsummer will change your life! 

What I love about Rika's yoga classes is the creative way she combines the asanas into powerful flows and you just feel like you are doing something good for your body holistically. She always works in combination with breath, meditation and targeted chakra activation. Afterwards I always feel totally balanced, physically and mentally. Every class ends with a big smile.

Find out how we spend our 6 days in Finnish Bliss …


You will connect to all five senses with activities such as baking with self-picked goodies, cold-heat exposure and breathwork. You will be held in a safe space together with 12 souls allowing you to let go from your daily routines and give yourself the chance to deeply surrender to calmness.

You will not only have the opportunity to improve (or start) your yoga practice, but you will also have the advantage of spending time to enjoy the healing power of nature in the midst of the beautiful Finnish forest. A place where it seems like time is standing still. 

Here are some highlights of this journey for you

  • Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

  • Aroma Workshop using essential oils

  • The Art of Foraging Workshop

  • Cleansing Practices

  • Cold-Heat Exposure (Sauna & Ice-Bath)

  • Create Your Own Birch Branch Twig Workshop

  • Painting Workshop

  • Creative Yoga Workshop

  • Dance Workshop

  • Deep Transformational Breathwork

  • Juhannus Celebration (Midsummer), including:
    –Design your own Juhannusseppele and a sacred Fire Ceremony

  • Soundbaths with Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Sound Healing using your own voice

We are two sisters born in Finland
raised in Germany, wanting to spread the beautiful Finnish culture with you and the world. 


Together with our guest facilitators and amazing chef, we invite you to learn more about your body and its ability to move and breathe, to enjoy time in nature and its healing power with us and a small group of likeminded souls in a place where it seems like time is standing still. 

Where will we stay?

Welcome to our cozy Villa in the midst of Finnish Forest, Kirkkonummi, Finland.

What's included?

All yoga classes and activities, different workshops, group activities, 3 delicious vegan local meals a day and facilities of our home such as sauna. Additionally we will provide non-alcoholic beverages (water, tea, coffee) and snacks throughout the day.

Your transfer from/to the airport will be organized by us (from Helsinki).

What's not included?


Who should join us?

All souls who are interested in getting to know Finnish traditions and culture, want to deepen their yoga practice (beginners to advanced all welcome) and connect to an intimate group of 12 souls, also everyone who is interested to experience different things in and around nature to get to know themselves and the surroundings in-depth.

What is the energy balance?

Starting at 1700€–1999€* (depending on what kind of room you want)

Are you a student of mine? Private, studio classes, online? You get an extra 10% on all tickets.

Simply put "(the studio name)" into the discount field in the registration form and I will check your attendance in my classes.

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