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Cultural and Yoga Journey in Finland



What if you could forge deep connections with like-minded souls who share your journey to self-empowerment all while learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety in daily life?

It's time to nurture your soul, recharge your spirit, and revitalize your body in a safe, supportive container where you can be(come) your most authentic self.

This 5-day journey transforms your dark and cold winter days into warm connections between souls and the beautiful winter wonderland nature of the North. We will dive deep into Finnish traditions and cultural practices that usually take place in these freezing months. All throughout we will keep warm with a famous wooden sauna, sweaty pilates and heart-opening yoga classes. You will share this experience in an intimate community of 6 other souls with whom you can practice love, compassion and kindness.

What is a visit into the north without the Northern lights?

Of course we will take an evening walk to chase this natural spectacle.


You will leave grounded, loved and filled with a bucket full of methods to lighten up your darker months.

Several cultural practices like heat-cold-exposure (yes, I am talking about sauna and ice!) and other healing modalities like different breathing techniques, yoga asana and pilates will support you to detoxify body and mind. The local vegan nourishment 3 times a day will underline your detox from the inside and leave you happy and nurtured.


Let us get together for this lifetime experience when the trees are full of snow and the sky is dark with beautiful lights.

Learn more about your body and its ability to move, breathe and enjoy time in nature and its healing power. A place where it seems like time is standing still.

We would be honored to take you on a one of a kind experience in our home Finland and share all its beauty and characteristics of why it is one of the happiest places on earth.

Highlights of this journey

Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Yin Yoga

Aroma Workshop

Cultural activities like Cleansing Practices

Cold-Heat Exposure (Sauna & Ice-Bath/Snow)

Deep-dive into breathwork and meditation

Nature Walks: Chasing the Northern Lights

Soundbaths with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Example Schedule (to give you an idea how our days will be spent)

07:30 Energizing Morning Yoga

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Mindfulness Practice like Candle Gazing

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Intro to Cold-Heat Exposure (Traditional Finnish Sauna & Ice-Bathing/Snow-rolling)

16:00 Free Time to explore the nature (or another holistic workshop)

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

Where will we stay?

Cozy Cottage in the midst of nature, Tampere, Finland.

What's included?

All yoga/pilates classes and activities, different workshops, group activities, 3 delicious vegan local meals a day and facilities of our home such as sauna. Additionally we will provide non-alcoholic beverages (water, tea, coffee) and snacks during the day.

Your transfer from/to the airport will be organized by us (from Tampere).

What's not included?


Details at a glance:

What can you expect? Holistic yoga & cultural journey––it's going to be a lifetime experience, we promise

What do we expect? An interest in exploring new things and culture, commitment to immerse in this journey to your own degree, come as you are, desire to spend 5 days in the purest nature and fresh air 24/7, want to reset, unwind, detoxify through nutritious 100% locally sourced food and holistic activities

What we do NOT expect? For you to be an expert in yoga or having knowledge in any of the named activities

When are we gathering? During the whitest winter from 21.02.–25.02.2024

Where are we staying? Cozy Wooden Cottage in the Finnish Forest in Tampere, Finland

Who should join? All souls who are interested in getting to know Finnish traditions and culture, want to deepen their yoga practice (beginners to advanced all welcome) and spend time in an intimate group of 6 souls, also everyone who is interested to experience different things in and around nature to get to know themselves and the surroundings in-depth

What is the energy balance? 1333€ (please contact me for payment plans, if needed)

about us

We are two sisters born in Finland raised in Germany, wanting to spread the beautiful Finnish culture together with yogic and other ancient practices with you and the world. Feel free to ask us anything that you have on your mind or you need additionally to make your journey perfect. We can't wait to meet you. See you soon!

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