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Have you noticed any recent moments where you found yourself reflecting on

your thoughts, actions, or life choices? What sparked those reflections?


How have you been managing your emotions lately?

Are there specific emotions that have been more prominent?


Are there daily rituals or practices that you find particularly meaningful?

How do these routines contribute to your overall sense of well-being and fulfillment?

After a cold and rainy fall filled with reflection and slowing down, we are using this opportunity of gently surrendering into winter. Taking out the stressful, anxious moments that come with Christmas and this time of the year to honor our mental and physical well-being.

We combine art with sound to set impulses and to stimulate the reflection with yourself during this time through a creative process. 



Every human being, every living being, even the earth itself vibrates on a certain individual frequency. Through various events, these vibrations can become unbalanced. By working with sound, the natural vibrations are restored and the body has the opportunity to release blockages both energetically, physically and emotionally.



We are all genuinely creative and creative, only we often do not dare to use this power, because we think we have to "perform" and produce a "beautiful product" with this power.

But it is not at all about "beautiful presentation of objects", but about art as a non-verbal and intuitive tool to get on the track of oneself in a creative process and to use this knowledge about oneself in an empowering way for one's own health. In body-based drawing, inner processes are reflected artistically and a reconnection to one's own needs is created. 

What can you expect:

❆ Opening Circle

❆ Sound journey

❆ Body-based drawing

❆ Sharing & Integration

❆ and maybe a little winter-themed highlight

we are looking forward to meet you!

Maxi & Rika

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