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Have you ever considered experiencing the soothing power of sound together with your partner, friend, loved one to help release stress and emotional tension within your relationship?

Would you like to discover how your shared breaths can act as a catalyst for releasing emotional blockages, allowing for inner peace and healing?

Are you ready to explore how the synergy of sound, breath, and movement can support both of you in letting go of past traumas and emotional burdens, strengthening your relationship?


Are you open to the idea of using the healing potential of sound, mindful somatic movement and breathwork as lifelong tools for maintaining emotional balance and peace, not just for yourself but for your loved ones as well?

We are not alone in this world.

We have relationships with friends, partners, parents, children, siblings ... And all these relationships need love, compassion, appreciation and caring. They need it ALWAYS, not only when you feel disconnected, have arguments or feel misunderstood.


Combining different methods like breathwork, sound and movement you will surrender into a deep(er), more meaningful connection between you and your bestie, partner or loved one.

You will focus on identifying, developing and nurturing intuition as well as your ability to express and exchange in your relationships.

You will experience togetherness on a physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual level. You will dive into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to access mental parts outside of your daily awareness. You will explore hidden subjects residing beneath the subconscious surface and forge a connection with your chosen individual in an entirely distinct dimension.

I believe, healthy loving relationships involve the following:

  • Physical and emotional safety

  • Trust, Honesty & Mutual respect

  • Accountability and responsibility for our own actions

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Communication and expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions

  • Willingness to work through challenging situations together


In this approach you will be able to focus on one or many of the named values and get impulses through different methods. Methods behind this approach are from the traditional yogic path, tantra and other ancient traditions. Specifically breathwork, sound healing and asana practice/movement.

How might the collective healing journey of you and your loved one through this holistic approach not only bring inner peace but also lead to a shared sense of purpose and resilience in facing life's challenges together?

Get ready to fuse your souls –– coming soon!

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