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We hear tension.

As we hold a lot of tension in our vocal space.

When we are scared, our voice might become higher pitched.

When we are nervous, our voice might be trembling.

When we are angry, our voice might get louder.

When we experience anxiety, we might get emotional, even cry.

These things happen due to a change in the vocal cord muscles. As the neck and upper body either get tense or tighten up and therefore change the shape of the larynx, our vocal cords make a different noise as usual.

What happens is: our vocal cords are stressed and might even get inflamed. This leads to more shallow and faster breathing into the chest area. We tend to not use our diaphragm as much and others can hear the tension, the stress in our voice.

What does this mean for our communication?

A stressed voice sounds more aggressive and you tend to speak much faster, which may invite negative reactions from others.

Trust your gut about hearing. This also means you can detect the persons state of mind through their vocal expression.

But again, be careful what you interpret, as someone who is nervous might express themselves with the same aggressive voice as someone who is stressed or angry.

What can we do to relax our vocal cords?


Take deep breaths into your body using your diaphragm. This not only has the benefit of a calmer and more relaxed state of mind but also it releases toxins out of your body.


Gentle movements of your body, either doing yoga or any other exercise, releases stress within your body, making your breathing calmer and more stable.


Using solfeggio frequencies can help to calm down your brain waves.

But also finding a sound healing meditation or sound bath class to join in person. The vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls calm your nervous system and send it from fight or flight directly into rest and digest. It is like meditation but without sitting in complete silence.


Attend one of my soundbath classes in Berlin or book a private 1:1 Sound Healing with me in Berlin or online.


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