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To-do lists, structures, strict routines don't work for you?

You are NOT alone.

In todays world we are constantly told, how we can increase our productivity, mental health and well-being. How we should spent our mornings and evenings with tips and tricks using routines and structures. Make to-do lists and create strategies to increase numbers.

Well, let me tell you a little story...

...I thought I needed a routine to start my morning. And every time I tried to follow along, I got frustrated. Didn't matter how long, didn't matter how small, didn't matter what kind.

The same happened to me, when I thought I should upgrade my social media game. I had seen so many success posts on how to increase your business with marketing plans and strategies.

So, I created a marketing plan for myself. It included topics that I wanted to share and days when I would share about these topics. Of course, "perfectly suited" to the seemingly right timing.

What happened? One month in to posting and sharing regularly, I got so stressed and frustrated that I decided to quit Social Media for a while.

During my social media break I had the most interesting and eye-opening human design reading. Human design is a self-knowledge system. It describes––based on your birth time and date––your energy type, strategy, decision making, and other traits within your energy centers.

I am a Generator (as 35% of people) with an emotional authority and my strategy is waiting to respond. My whole chart has a feminine flow, where I should live by my own dynamic.

It has gate 15 (also called: gate of extremes), which resonates with the archetype of the wild woman.

Based on my design, I should take each day on its own. Intuitively decide how I want to start my day, what and when I eat, what I will do, etc.. My decision can even change throughout the seasons. In winter I might feel like going for a run each day, in summer I might want to stay inside and bake once a week.

When I don't live by my design I get frustrated as Frustration is my so-called non-self theme.

Throughout the execution of my marketing strategy, I got frustrated. So frustrated, that I eventually felt drained, sick in my body and mind and as a result decided to cut social media out of my daily tasks completely.

The learnings FOR ME are:

1. Not everything you hear or see on social media is meant to work for you (read that again)

2. Less is more (less planning, more intuition)

3. Listen to your gut

Let me know what yours are.

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