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Interconnectedness of body, mind and soul

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

––and breathwork as a tool

Our physical body and mind are interconnected. That is something we all know already. We cannot be completely stressed and expect our bodies to function properly. Try “faking” a smile. You will immediately feel lightened up, even when having a bad day.

Have you ever noticed how your breathing changes when you start crying? You might start sobbing, breathing gets shallower and faster. And the more you cry the more you feel like crying more? Your body goes into fight or flight––our sympathetic nervous system.

And you have probably heard more than once to take a deep breath, when feeling upset or angry? It sucks in the situation and you feel like throwing something at the person who said that, but the truth is: it actually makes you feel better when you surrender and just take this deep breath.

So our emotions, our feelings, our body and mind are all connected to each other. Everything we do in our physical body affects our mental body. That being said, we can use our body to control our mind. But there is a difference.

In all the tools we use throughout the day to reach a healthier life, we connect to our conscious mind. When we do yoga, meditate, go running, do sports, etc.

We are mostly limited by the conscious mind.

The depths and potentials that lie within you cannot be reached only through our conscious mind. Our conscious mind can lull us into comfort and convince us to be content with the situation as it is––for the moment. But around 95% of the things we do happen through our subconscious mind. So that is where we need to change things.

You can use conscious breathwork techniques, like the circular breathing to get into an altered state of consciousness and thus release stuck emotions, find triggers, connect to your subconscious mind to change habits and maybe release trauma. Not only symptom relief but a general sense of enhanced well–being is offered. And I am not saying you cannot be content without the work––maybe a little bit 😀. Breathwork doesn’t only release negative feelings, it can also support questions towards your deepest desires and passions when you are looking for your life's path to unfold.

And the best part? There is nothing for you to do. Your body alone gives you the answers throughout that journey. You just have to accept and let go.

But I highly recommend choosing a space t

hat resonates with you. There is a rise in commercializing breathwork in weekly offers and I am not giving any evaluation of pros and cons here. Feel free to ask, if you want to know my reasoning in detail. But what I ask you to do is please feel into the space first, before joining such a weekly offered session. It can ruin the whole experience if you do not feel comfortable with the facilitator and/or space.


If you feel the calling to let me guide you, I have a proposition for you:

When? May 13th 2023 – 16:30–19:30

Where? Yoga Loft Süd, Stuttgart

What? Transformational breathwork and sound journey with energizing yoga


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