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Retreats are places where you join like-minded people on a journey to yourself. You connect through different yogic tools and methods like movement, breathwork and meditation to the energy within and around you.

I will take you on a journey not only using yogic principles but also cultural aspect of my home country Finland.

I share what has helped me to grow and transform into the person that I am today and the person I will be tomorrow.



Yoga Asana is a tool within the Yogic Path to find peace and healing within the mind, body and eventually soul through a physical practice.

Different levels are not about the ability to do "challenging" asanas but rather about the mindset and knowledge you bring to the class. For me alignment is not an integral part of yoga asanas because every body is different and there is no one size fits all solution, what is though is feeling and noticing your sensations.

Therefore, all my classes are open to everyone no matter where you are in your journey. Now it's your time to choose the setting:



Conscious connected breath work and pranayama.​ 

Pranayama is the art of controlling your breath. I offer all kind of different techniques that you can easily adapt in to your everyday life. As well as fully scripted journeys to your needs.

Conscious connected breath is kind of a meditation that uses the so-called circular breath to let go of stress and tension, stored deeply within our bodies and minds. Through this breathing technique, you might experience an altered state of consciousness and be able to heal from negativity and trauma.



SoulsFusion is a transformative journey that combines various alternative healing modalities such as breathwork, sound, and movement. These, coupled with journaling prompts, guided meditations, and exercises, form a holistic approach to self-discovery and connection. Through this diverse toolkit, we create a sacred space for healing and growth, fostering deeper, more authentic connections in our relationships.



Yes, you can buy yourself or a friend a gift card. You can name a specific amount or you choose a program. Simply write me an e-mail with your wishes and I will get back to you with all options.

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