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yoga teacher, sound healer, breathwork facilitator, space holder, mentor, coach, generator, gemini, sister, daughter, friend, lover and partner, the labels are endless. More importantly she is attentive and caring, loves deep and meaningful talks about anything and everything. 


Coming from a multicultural background, her interest in other cultures and traditions has shaped her life. She was born in Finland but raised in Germany. 

She grew up in a small village, where everyone knows everyone and she always wanted more than that. She wanted to get out, experience life through other perspectives. Travel the world, see how different other cultures and countries live. It took her quite some time to get out of this small village, out of her routines and secure environment. Studies, friends, family were holding her back, keeping her in her comfort zone.

Speaking in third person of myself doesn't do justice to what I am about to tell you, so let us switch to I, me, myself.


When my mother––she was the most positive and optimistic person I know. Bringing my dad, my sister, me and us as a family forward with her open and energizing way––passed away after a long and strong fight against breast cancer, a whole world within me collapsed.

But it also made me realize how I want to live and experience life. 


The studies in business economics and IT, which I successfully graduated, were built on the expectations of my parents. The jobs I had there after were built on the expectations of my parents. A whole lot in my life was a result of the expectations of my parents. 


After still working 3 years as an IT consultant in Berlin, working many many hours overtime, neglecting my physical and mental health, I took a huge shift towards another, less well-payed path in food chemistry. This was a great step towards my own inner freedom. I love food, I love to study all aspects of healthy nourishment, from creating recipes to testing new restaurants in town. But it was not where I was supposed to end, my journey had just begun.


Getting older I started to have a longing and strong connection back to my home country, Finland. And I know one day, I will end up there again. In between vast forests and beautiful lakes. Endless days in summer. Endless nights in winter.

I knew I wanted to create something there, for me, for loved ones, for every soul that wants to join me on this journey.


But it wasn’t until I chose to go on a spiritual journey that my mindset changed. Thanks to my wonderful aunt, who is my most inspirational yoga teacher, I came to practice yoga on a regular basis. I started a Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala, which made the biggest shift in my life. I gained so much more knowledge on yoga and its rituals. I learned many techniques and methods to heal my body and mind that I never would have thought existed. After my graduation, I traveled through the beautiful nature of Brazil and experienced so many new facets of life. I felt the connection to nature and the power of nature to heal our body, mind and soul. 

And at this point I knew, I wanted to create something consistent for people. To hold sacred spaces, share my knowledge about yoga, life and the healing power of our own self. 


And to do that I now know, it's not only about oneself. Finding the truth within you, you must broaden your perspective. To get to know yourself fully and authentically, you need to see yourself. And how is this better done, than by looking into the mirror?

Relationships are our most valuable mirror.

I want to take you on a journey, where you not only connect to yourself, your body, your mind, your soul, but to the body, mind and soul of a loved one, of all loved ones.

Come with me on a journey, experience this life with me and create a world where you love yourself, as much as you love others and love others as much as you love yourself.

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