About Me.

I am a certified yoga teacher since November 2021 based in Berlin, Germany. I love to teach in a holisitc way using different techniques like pranayama (breathwork) and Dhyana (Meditation) to create a space where body and mind connect to the soul.

Yoga might begin with a pose and a thought but ultimately evolves into an endless journey of discovery and growth. I value and appreciate each and every person who participates in my classes to  achieve their goals and become a better, more mindful person of themselves.

What makes you feel passionate?
For me it is yoga. For me its finding the way into my body, finding stillness in my mind. Connecting to my breath. Consciously connecting to my breath. And my breath connecting to my body.
When I am on the mat, I feel home. Like I am able to feel myself only. I feel the connection to my true self. I love myself, when I am on the mat. The moments before belong to me, the moments after belong to me. During my practice I learn, experience and grow.
When I teach, its the same, except that I am creating the space for you, for my students. To learn, experience and grow. I give THEM the opportunity to feel their body, their breath. To love themselves. To appreciate themselves.

What makes my practice and therefore classes special?
Every class is different. I take my time to create new classes with playful elements and fun transitions. Blocks (books) are my go-to tool to deepen my practice and I invite my students to get blocks as well. It is not only supportive for beginners but challenging for advanced yogis. We can check our alignment and go deeper into asanas. 

Straps, bolsters, insence, essential oils, all tools and gadgets that give that extra sparkle to my practice are welcome. Whether you practice at home with me (ONLINE) or we meet to practice in person, I invite you to use what Mother Earth gives us. Of course, while being aware of preferences, allergies and anything that comes with it.