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We are not alone in this world. 

We have relationships with friends, partners, parents, children, siblings...

All these relationships need love, compassion and caring.

And they need it ALWAYS, not only when you feel disconnected, have arguments or feel misunderstood.


Combining different methods like breathwork, sound and movement you will surrender into a deep(er), more meaningful connection between you and your bestie, partner or loved one.

You will focus on identifying, developing and nurturing intuition as well as your ability to express and exchange in your relationships.

You will experience togetherness on a physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual level. You will dive into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to access mental parts outside of your daily awareness. You will explore hidden subjects residing beneath the subconscious surface and forge a connection with your chosen individual in an entirely distinct dimension.

I believe, healthy loving relationships involve the following:

  • Physical and emotional safety

  • Trust, Honesty & Mutual respect

  • Accountability and responsibility for our own actions

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Communication and expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions

  • Willingness to work through challenging situations together


In this approach you will be able to focus on one or many of the named topics and get impulses through different methods. Methods behind this approach are from the traditional yogic path, tantra and other ancient traditions. Specifically breathwork, sound healing and asana practice/movement.


Transformational breathwork uses conscious connected breathing techniques. This might get your mind into an altered state that can release emotions and thoughts. You will have the opportunity to collect insights of your subconscious mind, enhance self-awareness and heal from negative thinking patterns. With regular practice you will be able to reset your nervous system and release stress for healthier relationship with yourself and more patience towards your loved one. Experiencing this together may strengthen your bond and deepen your connection energetically, emotionally and physically.


Main purpose of this part is to get the energy within the body flowing. When the energy is flowing, the body opens up to the ability to receive and reflect. Being strong in your own body helps you to be strong in your mind which again makes you available for the other person.

Another purpose of this part is to get closer through tantric movement. This involves physical, energetic and spiritual touch.

Sound Healing

Sound has been used for many thousand years. It is based on the idea that sound can have a profound impact on the body and mind, helping to restore balance and harmony. In sound healing practices, specific frequencies, tones, and rhythms are used to create a therapeutic environment.

Sound can be listened to but it can also be experienced.

To experience sound means to notice sensations within your body through all five senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

With my guidance you will tap into the different senses and experience sound through Tibetan singing bowls and other soothing instruments. Our hearing is directly connected to our vagus nerve which situated in our parasympathetic nervous system. This might bring you into a deeply relaxed state of being. All you have to do is let yourself be guided and be open to whatever thoughts, memories and emotions come up.


Integration is an integral part of the practice. You will not be left alone. I will not leave you alone. I will provide you a detailed plan with tools and methods specifically for you that you can actively integrate into your daily lives to keep that bond strong and engaged.

Program Schedule

SoulsFusion is a program that always includes the following steps:

1. Initial Call (30 Minutes): Introduction to program & oneself

2. SoulsFusion session (120 Minutes): Movement, Breathwork & Sound

3. Integration Call (30 Minutes): Tools & methods for daily use

Program Offers

SoulsFusion can be booked in the following offers:

SoulsFusion light: 1x Initial Call, 1x 90 Minutes SoulsFusion session (includes Sound & Breath), 1x Integration Call

SoulsFusion session: 1x Initial Call, 1x SoulsFusion session (includes Movement, Sound & Breath), 1x Integration Call

6 week SoulsFusion Intensive: 1x Initial Call, 6x SoulsFusion session (includes Movement, Sound & Breath) + detailed plan to integrate into your daily lives

6 month SoulsFusion program: 1x Initial Call, 12x SoulsFusion session (includes Movement, Sound & Breath) + detailed plan to integrate into your daily lives, 3x Integration Call

Individual plans possible.

Energy Exchange

SoulsFusion light 120€

SoulsFusion single 160€

6 week SoulsFusion intensive 777€

6 month SoulsFusion program 1444€

Energy Exchange
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