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"During the day you crush your goals with productivity and efficiency and then kick back in the evening and enjoy quality time with friends, fully present."

Even though it seems like you have your work life balance finally under control, your thoughts about work don’t stop after you called it a day. You started a yoga routine in the evening to find some more balance and bring some calmness into your day, but you still feel stressed and overworked.

Now you might be asking yourself, why you cannot disconnect from work to connect to yourself. Have you thought about not adding things to your routine, instead taking a break in-between BEFORE you truly need it?


Constantly adding things instead of making space for your mind and thoughts to relax might be one of the things you are doing wrong and actually doing EXACTLY the opposite to your body and mind.

So what can you change to leave your work with a clear mind and enter your leisure activities with complete presence? 

Tell me: are you this person who is waking up in the morning with their phone in their hand?

Most of us have their phone as an alarm to wake them up.

So we basically wake up with the phone ringing right next to our heads.


Even though you have your phone on airplane mode, when you press snooze or cancel the ring, your first move might be to take airplane mode off. 

You are wanting to place your phone aside but the first signal comes that you have a message. You decide to just look at this one message, it might be important, and then faster than you know you are on social media, scrolling through Instagram. 


Now let me tell you this: the first 15–30 minutes after waking up set the tone for the day. And if you are already feeding your brain with all the colorful pictures, videos, serotonin kicking things, guess what? You will be wanting this for the rest of your day. Your mind on constant hustle, searching for the next kick.


Now imagine waking up, taking a few deep breaths, starting calm and relaxed into the day. Leave your phone aside for the next 30 minutes and instead use this time to slowly prepare yourself for your day.


And that is all you have to do!

Now, you might not even know what little else you might be able to change to get the much needed balance. And you might not realize how easy it is to get there, with just a few breaths.


Start your breathing journey with my breathing guide 101! 

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